Patron Reviews

Patron Reviews for the 2015-16 Season

Don Giovanni

•   I have seen many Mozart Operas in many places. This was the best Mozart Opera I have ever experienced, anywhere, ever.
•   We had never attended an opera performance in Tacoma before and we absolutely loved it. The small and intimate theater experience was fantastic.
•   Best yet. I was totally amazed at the quality of this performance, and kudos for the imaginative use of the furies.
•   This was my very first opera to attend and I actually enjoyed myself. My grandson is the one that loves opera and he encouraged me to attend with him.
•   This might be described as the best production and performance Tacoma Opera has ever done. Strongly urge you to stage Don Giovanni more frequently. I would go every year if it was performed.
•   Wonderful production. Excellent staging and casting. Each of the characters were perfect for their part.

Patron Reviews for the 2014-15 Season

Romeo et Juliette

•   Excellent production. I felt that your entire cast, especially the lead characters put forward all they had in their performances. Costumes were simply outstanding.
•   Absolutely loved every minute of the experience. I will return next season. Thank you.
•   I love you guys. Ever since I started coming to Tacoma Opera productions, I’ve been so impressed.
•   Beautifully staged and directed despite the limitations of the theatre.
•   I haven’t been to Tacoma Opera for at least 8 years. Came to this because you were doing an opera I’d never seen staged but had always loved the music. I’ll be back. Thank you!!

H.M.S. Pinafore

•   … I don’t know how many Gilbert and Sullivan light operas I have seen and/or heard in my lifetime, suffice to say I know about every word of Pirates, Trial by Jury, the Mikado, Patience and much of Iolanthe, Princess Ida and Yeoman. I say that not to brag but to give substance to what I want to say: This was absolutely the best and most joyous performance of the lot. …. The voices, the musicians, the acting, the humor, the theatre itself, the ushers and the delightful joy of the entire company will never be forgotten. This was a very memorable evening in my rather long life. I am sending this just as my way of saying “Thank You All.”
•   I attended with my daughter and we both loved it. She lives in Seattle and we live in Olympia so Tacoma is a great place to meet half way. All in all, a great afternoon!
•   “Bravo and Brava! Very well done and thoroughly enjoyed by me and my guests! I would love to see more Gilbert and Sullivan (and Rossini, Verdi… the whole gang) All of the talent was up to the score and it was delightful. Thank you!”
•   What a great performance. The orchestra and the performers were outstanding – a very funny and delightful show.
•   This was the first time our children had been to the Opera. It was a grand experience and we hope to return soon. Thank you for producing a family-friendly show!

The Magic Flute

•   I have seen Magic Flute several times by larger companies, but I enjoyed Tacoma Opera’s far more.
•   This was my first experience with Tacoma Opera and it was excellent. The voices were top notch and the scenery breathtaking. Using our beautiful Northwest Indian heritage was so beautifully blended into the story. Thank you for a wonder filled afternoon!
•   The performance was the BEST we have ever seen – here, Seattle or elsewhere.
•   The opera was fantastic. We enjoyed every minute of it. The Native American theme was interesting and harmonized with the spirit of the story. All of the performances were of a very high standard. We look forward to attending more operas with the Tacoma Opera in the future.
•   The performance itself was terrific — the homage to the Salish native culture is inspired and the cast members performed beautifully!
•   It was exceptional! I loved the setting and costumes–such an incredible use of NW Coast Indian influences. The voices were sublime. What a delight! I’m so glad we came down from Seattle to see this performance.
•   The combination of the original opera and the Salish nation was exquisite! What a wonderful community building and storytelling experience. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!
•   The quality of the performance – the singers, musicians, stage set – were exceptional. It was a VERY enjoyable performance. And, the young ladies of the Puyallup Tribe were a wonderful addition to cast!