Gritty City Subscription Series!

The Gritty City copy

Are you 35 or under?  Have you always wanted to explore the world of opera, but can’t afford more than you would pay for a Modest Mouse show…? No worries!  You should get a Gritty City Subscription!  For the cost of $55 you can join us for all three shows;  The Pirates of Penzance, The Barber of Seville and Madama Butterfly.  Choose from seats in the balcony section (D), which are single ticket/subscription priced at $28/$25, giving you a discount of $25 for the season!  You will receive a Gritty City handbook, guiding you through common questions and conundrums like, “Can I wear jeans?” or “How the hell I’m I supposed to understand Italian?”. Not sure if you want to commit to all three shows?  Buy a ticket at the regular subscription price of $25, and if you feel so compelled after seeing The Pirates of Penzance, apply the cost of that ticket to your subscription. Tacoma Opera will be partnering with local restaurants, bars and coffee shops, offering you even more discounts on the days of the shows, giving you the opportunity to support some of Tacoma’s most loved establishments.  Join us, all the cool kids are doing it!

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