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Tacoma Opera Reflections with Noel Koran – 02/16/2021

Enjoy the newest video from our informational series featuring Tacoma Opera’s General Director, Noel Koran. There is no doubt that this past year has been full of challenges and countless changes as we all have endured the COVID-19 pandemic. In this video, we take some time to reflect on how the pandemic affected Tacoma Opera and the performing arts as a whole, as well as our plans for the future of Tacoma Opera. We are hopeful, and so very thankful for your gracious and continued support over the course of this last year to help keep opera alive and well in our community, even during uncertain times.

Russian Romances – Tacoma Opera Intermezzo Recital by Misha Myznikov

Tacoma Opera is thrilled to present the ninth installment of our Intermezzo Recital Series performed by baritone, Misha Myznikov, accompanied by pianist, Natalya Ageyeva.

We hope you enjoy this wonderful recital as Misha shares his heritage with us as he sings a number of Russian Romances!

View english translations for these songs here.

Tacoma Opera Presents #Adulting by Lowbrow Opera Collective

Tacoma Opera is thrilled to present #Adulting by Lowbrow Opera Collective, one of the region’s newest groups of ragtag opera singers, who are hellbent on doing opera their own way. Lowbrow Opera Collective is dedicated to reviving the art of opera by presenting new works that are approachable and accessible to a diverse audience, by providing exciting opportunities for emerging artists, and by collaborating with like-minded organizations.

About #Adulting:

Follow the journey of four roommates, recently brought together via craigslist, through their first forays into adulthood. Ruth, Tony, Bucket, and Drew come across many challenges – mainly their own lack of practical life skills. Through self-deprecating humor, absurdity, and just a little raunchiness, #Adulting portrays vignettes of modern lives, from the joy of a first apartment to the horror of an icky stain you find on the only couch you could afford.

Learn more about Lowbrow Opera Collective by visiting them at www.lowbrowoc.org.

Intermezzo Recital by Allison Pohl

Tacoma Opera is thrilled to present the eighth installment of our 2020 – 2021 Intermezzo Recital Series performed by soprano, Allison Pohl, accompanied by pianist, Sheila Bristow. 

Dedicated to Allison’s daughter, Emerald, The Green Recital features a number of works that stay true to this recital’s theme. We hope you enjoy this lovely performance!

A Musical Tour of Europe – Intermezzo Recital by Tess Altiveros

Tacoma Opera is thrilled to present the seventh installment of our 2020 – 2021 Intermezzo Recital Series performed by soprano, Tess Altiveros, accompanied by pianist, Elisabeth Ellis. In this wonderful performance, Tess takes us on a musical tour of Europe, exploring the nations of England, France, and Germany.