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Tacoma Opera announces a new Apprentice Position

Tacoma Opera will be interviewing for a part-time Apprentice. The position is a temporary 4 month junior management position designed to give an individual basic, practical skills and experience in arts management.
Duties Include:
• Scheduling Singers for Tacoma Opera’s current Opera Gram program for citizens in the South Sound region
• Working with the Tacoma Opera marketing consultants on all publicity and public announcements for Tacoma Creates
• Serving as the liaison with the City of Tacoma managers for the Tacoma Creates program
• Assisting with any potential outreach activities to schools, museums, parks and other public venues for Tacoma Opera
• The Apprentice will work under Tacoma Opera’s General Director, Noel Koran, serving as the apprenticeship mentor
Hours: 8-10 hrs per week
Pay: $500 per month
Employment period: 4 months with a possible extension
Age Limit: None
Start Date: Aug 15, 2020
Interviews Begin: Aug 1, 2020
Interested parties should send a resume and a cover letter describing why you are interested in the position to:

or mail to:

Apprentice Program
Tacoma Opera
47 St Helens Avenue, Suite 201
Tacoma WA 98402
The resume should include all current contact information including
home address, email, cell phone and other phone if applicable

Be a Ghost Light and Support our Artists

After the success of our Spring Artist Fund Drive, Tacoma Opera will continue supporting our local artists with donations from the community, so please continue helping the people who make Opera possible for us.
For without the artists and musicians, there can be no Opera.

Tacoma Opera relies on the gracious support of individuals like you who care about and support the Performing Arts, particularly in uncertain times like these when our whole society is affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.
Without your support, we simply wouldn’t be here, so please give what you can.
Thank You!
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Any Questions?
Email us at info@tacomaopera.com

Tacoma Opera is a 501(c) (3) Not-For-Profit Organization – Federal Tax ID # 91-1237511

“I really, really love you guys, and I’ve been telling people all week that I love Tacoma Opera…
…it’s amazing to me – the quality of your productions!” ~ A Tacoma Opera Patron

“Anyone who’s experienced a blow-your-hair-back opera at Tacoma Opera will tell you
it’s the Northwest’s best-kept cultural and entertainment secret.”
~ Phil Herzog, Managing Partner, Smoothstone Entertainment


Fun Quotes about Opera
“Opera happens because a large number of things amazingly fail to go wrong.” ~ Terry Pratchett (English Author)
“No good opera plot can be sensible, for people do not sing when they are feeling sensible.” ~ W. H. Auden (Anglo-American Poet)
“The opera is to music what a bawdy house is to a cathedral” ~ H.L. Mencken (American Journalist, Satirist and Critic)
“I’d hate this to get out but I really like opera” ~ Ford Frick (American Sportswriter)