Be a Super

What is a Supernumerary?

These are non-speaking, non-singing roles in opera. The purpose served by a supernumerary is to advance or aid the plot development. For example, a maid bringing in a letter, a page opening the door, a waiter serving drinks, all of these are roles needed in various operas. Supernumeraries can be male, female, children.

What is the time commitment?

Generally supernumeraries need to attend some of the staging rehearsals, which happen three weeks before opening. They need to attend all tech week rehearsals, Monday through Thursday and then performances on Friday 7:30p and Sunday at 2p.m. The tech week rehearsals are from 7:00-10:00p.

Is this a paid position?

The compensation is knowing you are really helping your opera company! In other words, these are non-compensated roles.

How can you get involved?

Send an email with your contact information letting us know how you want to be involved to: